TriToChange Multisport Festival 2021 2021 2022

TriToChange Multisport Festival 2021 2021 2022

From €10.00


Multisport Festival

23-24 APRIL 2022

The second edition of the TriToChange Multisport Festival will take place on the 23rd and 24th of April.  You do your own triathlon or duathlon. Wherever you want.

And more importantly, you will bring Change. Change for yourself, by getting out of your comfort zone.

But also Change. All profits of the event will be donated to Pelicano.

You can choose between different distances, from short to long. From Fun to Ironman-distance.

Do you join?


You register at the same fee, independent of distance or sport.

Each participant receives a guaranteed event and belonging, and an exclusive TriToChange T-Shirt.

But most importantly, your return is your donation.

You can register online via SQM Time, according to the following fees:

 * The fees include the administration costs towards (€1+2,5%+ VAT)

Please visit our official event website for all required info: