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 A walk on the beach and through the dunes in Koksijde. Distances of 13 or 22km...

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A walk close to the Abbey of Maredsous which will make you discover the most beautiful corners of the Molignée valley. ..

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Chimay Walk takes place at walking distance of the Abbey of Scourmont. All participants gets a Chimay Trappist tasting after the race, but first they'll have to finish an amazing walk trough the splen..

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The Longest Day Walk! A though walk with the ste start and finish in the centre of Spa. 10, 27 or 50km distance, make your choice...

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Participate at this huge hike event trough the Vosges! A 3days hike for the benefit of Think Pink!..

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Unique in 2022: Trail & Walk Des Fantômes - Think Pink Edition ! A Trail & Walk with breakfast, pasta and drinks ! Choice between 10, 20 & 30km walking or running !..

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A walk in the Achouffe elves’ land with a chilly fresh Chouffe at the finish..

A walk in the in the heart of the Domaine Solvay and the extreme south of the Sonian Forest. ..

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